Modern medicine has implied that marijuana can be used to treat a number of different medical conditions. This is where the term 'medical marijuana' comes in. Some of the many medical conditions where it is indicated include movement disorders, glaucoma, spasticity, nausea, as well as neuropathic pain. Medical marijuana has also been proven to be an effective appetite stimulant. This means that it is best indicated for patients that suffer from dementia, AIDS wasting syndrome, and HIV. Furthermore, recent research has also shown that the terpenes and cannabinoids found in marijuana can work synergistically so that the person will be protected from all sorts of malignant tumors out there. 

In the recent times, more than 60 local and international health organizations have shown their support as regards patients having immediate legal access to medical marijuana just as long as it is under the supervision of their attending physician. There are even a number of reputable organizations that allow clinical research trials to be done with marijuana so that physicians and researchers alike will be able to determine the medical potential of marijuana. 

Additionally, a 1991 research study done by Harvard University has shown that 44% of oncologists have already advised their patients to make use of medical marijuana. It was found out as well that 50% of oncologists from this study will only do so if the use of marijuana will be legalized. A more recent national survey has also shown that half of patients all around the world are more than willing to support the move to legalize the use of medical marijuana. Know about dispensary las vegas here! 

Efficacy and safety 

Marijuana at as well as its psychoactive cannabinoid called THS are considered to be very safe to be consumed by humans. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration through its Drug Awareness Warning Network Annual Report even has a statistical compilation of all drug-related deaths that have occurred. It was shown in this report that none of the drug-related deaths were caused by the use of marijuana. As a matter of fact, studies have even shown that no human being will end up dying because of being overdosed by marijuana. 


It was during 2700 BC where the use of marijuana has been documented to be something that is both effective and safe. Between the years of 1840 and 1900, American and European medical journals have published more than 100 articles that support the use of medical marijuana. As a matter of fact, marijuana is included in the American pharmacopoeia until the year of 1942. And now, it is even being prescribed in Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, and Canada. For more facts about marijuana, visit this website at