Most people probably have heard about marijuana. Most people think a lot of bad things connected to this kind of plant. But have you ever thought that marijuana is actually known as pot, grass and weed, however, it is called as cannabis for formality. It is called as Cannabis because it came from the leaves and flowers of the plant Cannabis sativa. But of course, almost everyone know some of the bad effects that can be gained by using marijuana. Because of the side effects that marijuana can give to a lot of people, it is already considered as an illegal substance in the US. Of course, not only America punish those people who are using marijuana but it is also illegal in different countries all over the world. Those who use marijuana at can be considered as criminal and should be punished by law. 

However, the FDA which are known to be in charge of different medical operations has different schedules for medicines. The FDA considered marijuana as schedule I, it means that you can be highly abusive when you use marijuana, at the same time, it has proven that it has no medical use. But through the years, there are different studies that came out which are related to marijuana. It has been proven that it can be use as a medicinal plant especially for those diseases with terminal stage, such as AIDS and cancer. Of course, there has been a lot of discussions whether it is safe to use marijuana or not. There has been a lot of debate that has happened in which it weighs all the pros and cons of using marijuana as a medicinal plant. Be sure to visit this website at and know more about marijuana. 


The famous report in 1999 which entitled Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science Base is a famous report which was made by the Institute of Medicine in order to settle all the arguments that has been involved in implementing medicinal marijuana. However, even though the report was comprehensive and gave a lot of information, it still did not give a concrete answer whether it is better for everyone to implement the use of marijuana or not. The opposite side that discussed about the implementation of marijuana explained both their advocacy so as to stand to what they believed in. But then, even if for a fact that a lot of things got clarified through the report, it still did not end all the arguments about the implementation of CANOPI medicinal marijuana.